cc国际客户端下载 Anhui Post and Telecommunication College, approved by People's Government of Anhui Province and registered in the Ministry of Education in 2004, is a public full-time vocational school. It’s the one and only telecommunication college in Anhui Province and the first of its kind in Eastern China. 

Formerly Institute is a 60 years of history, is known as "of Anhui postal Huangpu Military Academy" in Anhui Province Post and Telecommunications School, located gathered in the capital of Anhui Province, Hefei city cultural and educational institutions in Shushan District of Qianshan Road No. 382, beautiful campus environment, building elegant, flowers and trees flourish. Convenient surrounding traffic, there are 3, 8, 22, 4 bus fast, 48, 124 and other bus routes, the Yangtze River Road viaduct and future rail transit through here.Nestled in No 382. Qianshan Rd. of Shushan District in Hefei, capital city of Anhui Province and clustered with many cultural and educational units, Anhui Post and Telecommunication College grew out of Anhui Post and Telecommunication School, with over 60 years of history and acclaimed as “Huangpu Military Academy “ in post and telecommunication spectrum. The garden-like campus is easily accessible with many bus lines and, in the near future, subways.

AHPTC has over 300 faculty members, of whom 120 are full time teachers. A quarter of them has senior academic titles. Part-time teachers form various enterprises and key universities are invited to give lectures.

Our aim of education is to cultivate skilled talents for telecommunication operators and its upstream and downstream enterprises. We offer nearly 3000 students 14 majors, such as communication technology, mobile communication technology, optical fiber communication, mobile Internet application technology, communication engineering design and management, communication lines, wireless network optimization, computer communication technology, the Internet of things application technology, marketing, call center service and management.

Our college is equipped with various appraisal centers, such as professional skill appraisal center of communications industry, postal courier appraisal center, institute of ZTE NC education center, Cisco and H3C authorized training center, the Prometric and VOE authorized test center, Mandarin test station and production safety education and training base in Anhui province. 

 It also provides continuing education, posts and telecommunications correspondence station and postgraduate training base of Nanjing university, modern distance education learning center of Beijing University of Post and Telecommunication, etc. University of Science and Technology of China and China Communications Services jointly build re-education center of national engineering practice center.
Recent years has witnessed an abundant flow of admission and employment. Employment rate surpassed 98.5%, with short supply in some majors, indicating the high quality of graduates and their bright career prospect. It received appraisal from provincial educational department for “being proactive and taking drastic measures”. It also won the title of “advanced unit in university graduate employment work” for 3 years in a row since 2009 and the title of “advanced unit in university graduate employment work” in 2012. 
 Over 60 years of school history, AHPTC adheres to the principle of “meeting peoples’ needs”, and follows closely the latest trends of the development of communication industry.
It’s goal is to cultivate talents for production, construction, service and management.
It also incorporates correspondence education, on-the-job training for enterprise staff, appraisal and certification in communication industry skills. Over 50,000 graduates are active in telecommunication industries all across Anhui and China.
In the "Twelfth five-year" period, AHPTC takes “Scientific Development” as its guideline, and implements the ideals of “Outline of National Medium-and Long-Term Program for Education Reform and Development” (2010-2020)and “Decision to Step Up Modern Vocational Education Development by State Council” to better serve telecommunication industry and local economy.

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